The Lexus brand makes luxurious cars people like to drive. If you're seeking a new hybrid for your commute, the Lexus brand has something for you. Our new Lexus hybrid inventory is diverse and fully-stocked. Whether you seek a sedan, SUV, something with pep, or something mellow, there's a hybrid for you. If you see a lowercase "h" in the name of a car, then it has a hybrid powertrain. Each Lexus hybrid runs on a gas engine and electric motors. Explore our new Lexus hybrid inventory at Lexus San Diego and visit us on Learn Mesa Rd to learn more.

A Diverse Selection of Top-Tier Hybrids

Many new Lexus models come available as hybrid cars, marked with the lowercase h. Each of them runs on a gasoline engine and an electric motor system. When these two systems work in harmony, they keep the battery charged. They also help save you time and hassle of stopping at the fuel pump. Whether you seek a Lexus sedan or SUV, you will find a plethora of new Lexus hybrid cars in San Diego, CA. Top Lexus Hybrids include the:

  • ES 300h
  • NX 300h
  • UX 250h
  • RX 450h
  • ES 300h Luxury

Each one can help shoppers save. These Lexus hybrids can help you secure many tax incentives each year. Your insurance carrier may even offer special savings to customers who drive green. Not to mention, you are still eligible for financial incentives. We offer special deals each month on new Lexus models, including hybrids. See all the ways you can save before you visit Lexus San Diego.

Test Drive a Hybrid Today

Shoppers can find a brand-new hybrid luxury car available for purchase or lease at Lexus San Diego. We invite you to check out all the new hybrids we have available and test drive one today. See you soon!