When you own a vehicle, chances are you are always learning about the names of different parts of your car, and what the function is for each of those parts. So if you are not sure what gaskets are, your friends from Lexus San Diego are here to give you some insight.

Gaskets protect fluids and gases from escaping your vehicle and causing costly damage. Since all vehicles run on a complicated mix of a variety of these two things, gaskets are a very important part of what makes your car run smoothly! Gaskets are made of a variety of materials and are designed to create a tight seal.

Eventually, gaskets may deteriorate and need replacing. If one of your gaskets has started to fail, you may notice signs such as white smoke, low cylinder pressure, gurgling, or other things going awry with your vehicle. If you think one of your gaskets needs replacing, stop by your dealership for maintenance.

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