Be Prepared By Testing Your Car's Battery

The more you know about your vehicle, the better you'll be able to keep it operating as it should. One component that you can learn about is your car's battery. With a simple test, you can ensure you won't ever be stuck with a dead or undercharged battery. Here's how we at Lexus San Diego recommend you perform this test.

First, completely turn off your vehicle, including any interior and exterior lights. Then, using a voltmeter, attach the positive test lead to the positive terminal on the battery, repeating the procedure for the negative test lead and terminal. Whether analog or digital, your voltmeter will provide a reading of the number of volts your battery is putting out. If this number is below 12.2 volts, you'll want to bring it in for service.

At our service center, we can run further tests on your battery and replace it with a new battery, if need be. Stop by today to keep your vehicle running strong.



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