A leak or other problem with your vehicle's exhaust system can not only cause your engine to become sluggish and decrease your gas mileage, but it has the potential to become a dangerous situation if the poisonous gasses exhaled by your vehicle end up being inhaled by you or the passengers inside your vehicle.

In order to quickly detect and fix a leaking exhaust before the problem becomes serious, it is important that you become familiar with some of the common warning signs.

  • You notice you are filling up at the gas station more often than usual.
  • Your vehicle seems to be losing power.
  • You notice strange vibrations in your steering wheel.
  • You notice your foot pedals or seats seem to be vibrating.
  • You hear odd sounds coming from the tailpipe.

We invite you to visit our service center to take care of these or any other problems you may have with your vehicle.

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