It is important for every driver to understand how their car works and what causes potential issues. We here at Lexus San Diego have broken down the difference between oversteering and understeering and are ready to explain it to you. We hope you find our information useful and beneficial to your driving experience.

Rear-wheel-drive vehicles are more susceptible to oversteering. Because the control of their power comes from the rear, any loss of traction, like fishtailing, will cause the steering function in the front to be overtaken and result in oversteering. This means the vehicle will turn too sharply and spin out.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles have a tendency to understeer. It makes the vehicle take overly wide turns and run off the road. The power is controlled by the front of the car in this situation. If the driver accelerates too quickly in a turn the weight proportion will shift to the back of the vehicle and render the steering useless.


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