When your ignition doesn't work properly, then you're usually not going to be able to go anywhere until it's fixed. The part will prevent you from starting the car if it doesn't turn or if there's an issue with the internal components. Before trying to drive in San Diego, CA, there are some details you'll likely notice.

If you notice a grinding noise when you're trying to turn the key or a clicking sound that repeats, then your ignition will likely need to be replaced. Sometimes, you might hear the grinding from the motor instead of the ignition itself as the car tries to turn over but can't.

While you're idling, you might notice odd sounds coming from the ignition area or from the motor. It will usually take longer to start your car if there are issues with your ignition compared to quickly starting your car with a new ignition in place. Lexus San Diego can check the condition of the part to determine if it's the cause or if there is an electrical component to blame.

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